Is Your Android Stuck Downloading File ? Learn How You can Fix It

Android Stuck Downloading File

With your Android OS device, you can download very good apps for your fun. All things really seems very good when things are busy going good, but just as you’re downloading, you get stuck. And that feels very bad, I understand your position, I have been there once before. The main aim here is to help you get through issues like Android stuck downloading file, when you have little or no knowledge of why that should happen.

Probably, this could be happening as a result of low internet connection. But when you’re on 3G or 4G, then the problem might be far from your internet connection. Meanwhile you must have to ensure that you have you Android up-to-date. Updating your device will help make it function properly and better.

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How To Fix Android Stuck Downloading File On Your Mobile Phones

It is very possible that you may experience this issue from newer Android mobile phones, it is still same with older ones. In order words, I would advice that you follow the steps below to fix the one issue that is making you dislike your device.

  • Firstly go to “Settings” from your Android phone menu.
  • Then, click on “Application” > ” Manage Applications”.
  • You are supposed to see all your apps, but if that is not the case then, click on the MENU button and choose “Filter”, Select “All” to bring up all your apps to appear on your screen.
  • Once you have this on your Screen, navigate downwards and click on “Market”.
  • You will then see a whole lot of options, simply click on “Clear Cache > “Force Stop” follows.

By so doing, you should expect to fix Android stuck downloading file issue, or may be you can also try out navigating to “Download Manager”, then simply click on “Clear data” and then lastly, click on the “Force Close” button.

Google Play Store Stuck At Downloading Problem – Fixes & Solutions

In continuation, if you continue to continue to experience the Google Play Store stuck at downloading problem, then you can also choose to try out one of the following .

  • Firstly you should go ahead and clear the Google Play Store cache.
  • Or wipe your Google Play Store Data, from Settings icon on you Android phone.
  • May be you can still try uninstalling Google Play Store updates.
  • You may also go ahead and wipe your data and cache on Google Play Services.
  • Reset you Android Phone Factory Settings.
  • Just before you give up, try resetting your Google Account.

Properly following the guide above you can be sure to solve the issue of having your Android download queued stuck for no reason. Solve the issue and keep downloading your favorite apps for your Android mobile phones.

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