Guess Who’s Better LeBron James Vs Kobe Bryant Stats – NBA Debate

LeBron James Vs Kobe Bryant Stats

Over time, the debate of who’s the best between NBA stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant has been on top of NBA debate. And it’s yet to get done with, so we shall be seeing some comparison between the two and what others have to say regarding the debate, LeBron James Vs Kobe Bryant Stats.

Comparison shall include, how many Championships won, Regular seasons and Playoffs stats, honors and awards bagged and other info placed to challenge each other. The LeBron James Vs Kobe Bryant Stats and debate is really one of the most argued in the world of sports and really there is no quenching the fire on the argument yet, so let’s deal with it.

Meanwhile, a whole lot of question has been raised in the argument for the better player between the two and there includes: Who averaged more points in playoffs? Who led the season more times? Who scored more points in his career? Who won more MVP awards? These questions will be attended to here and you will see for your self and make your judgement on who’s the best.

Head To Head Comparison | LeBron James Vs Kobe Bryant Stats

LeBron James Vs Kobe Bryant Stats

No Of NBA Championships: Kobe Bryant – 5

LeBron James- 3

No. Of NBA Season: Kobe Bryant – 20

LeBron James- 14

No Of Playoffs Played: Kobe Bryant – 15

LeBron James- 12

No. Of All-Star Games: Kobe Bryant – 18

LeBron James- 13

No. Season MVP: Kobe Bryant – 1

LeBron James- 4

No. Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant – 2

LeBron James- 3

No. Of All-NBA First Team: Kobe Bryant – 11

LeBron James- 11

Scoring Leader: Kobe Bryant – 2

LeBron James- 1

Points Per Game: Kobe Bryant – 25.0

LeBron James- 27.1

Rebounds Per Game: Kobe Bryant – 5.2

LeBron James- 7.3

Assist Per Game: Kobe Bryant – 4.7

LeBron James- 7.0

Steals Per Game: Kobe Bryant – 1.4

LeBron James- 1.6

Blocks Per Game: Kobe Bryant – 0.5

LeBron James- 0.8

Total Points: Kobe Bryant – 33,643

LeBron James- 28,787

Total Games: Kobe Bryant – 1,346

LeBron James- 1,061

Having seen the head to head comparison of both players, then one must really have to make judgement of who is better. Kobe Bryant stans will be like “Even God himself learns basketball from Kobe”. And when you see those stans crazy about LeBron, they will tell that “LeBron is the God of Basketball”. And that keeps the LeBron James Vs Kobe Bryant Stats and debate on and hot.

Meanwhile, Micheal Jordan talking about the debate had to said “Would I rank LeBron over Kobe in terms of best of all time?” Jordan told campers during an informal Q&A session. “No. There’s something about five that beats three. … Kobe won five championships. LeBron won three. Although, he’s been to seven Finals or something like that.” That’s to mean that he takes Kobe Bryant over LeBron James.

The bottom line is that all have their own opinion, the both players have proven their worth and has become some of the best players that NBA ever had. So go ahead and make your choice of who’s better, if I must advice then I would tell you to take a quick look at the stat.

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