How To Download Facebook Live Video For PC – Go live On Facebook

download Facebook live video for PC

One thing is watching the live streams of friends on Facebook, and the other thing arises when you want to download such live videos. It might seem too complicated on the surface but the truth is that doing this is actually very simple. Not wanting to sound super resolving, there are just few clicks you’ve got to do and you will be there to download Facebook live video for PC.

Also to make it ever easy for your own sake, you can use the Facebook live downloader online to download and save Facebook live streams. Are sure you really don’t want to miss that Live stream? Then your only option is to start downloading it immediately, but how?

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How To Download Facebook Live Video For PC – Easy And Simple

STEP 1: Login to your Facebook account.

STEP 2: Then on your page feed or Home feed, search for the video.

STEP 3: Now once the video appear, click on the “Time Stamp” for the video to pop up on your screen.

STEP 4: Tap on the three tiny dots at the top right corner of your screen.

STEP 5: Then from the drop-down menu, select “Download Video” option.

STEP 6: Go ahead and choose the location to save the file. And that’s it.

However, there are other ways you can use to download Facebook live video for Mobile phones. Mostly if you want to save Facebook live streams for re-purpose, then you might also use the information below to your own advantage.

You can use website to achieve this by copying the video URL from Facebook app, then paste the copied URL link and click on the decode video link button.

That’s how easy and simple it can be, there is really no additional effort needed to complete this action. With this now you can save Facebook live video to phone and PC. Starting with the laid down guide, you can be able to  Download Facebook Live Video For PC and share with friends who missed out.

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